Chimney Sweep


Oil Burner Sweep

Cleaning the Furnace chimney flue is just as important as a wood burning appliance, and should be done every year according to NFPA211. Furnace flues. These flues get old, and deteriorate over time which can collapse, and cause a blockage. The cost for the furnace sweep is $109


  • Our furnace chimney sweep consists of: sweeping the flue and removing and vacuuming the base of the chimney.

Fireplace Chimney Sweep

If you burn your fireplace i recommend having it serviced once a season. you can never be to safe with burning a fire in your home. It's as simple as tree limb getting to close to your chimney or your chimney cap missing. Burning can also cause dangerous creosote build up. the cost for a fireplace sweep is $129

  •  Our masonry fireplace chimney sweep consists of: cleaning the flue smoke chamber smoke shelf behind the damper and firebox (please note that we do not clean the ash pit as that is considered homeowner maintenance). 

Wood Burning Stoves

Burning a wood stove is some of the best heat we can get. This appliance should be serviced as needed or once per season. We clean the chimney, Stove, above the baffles, and the catalytic secondary burn. Full wood stove service cost it $ 149

  •  Our wood stove cleaning consists of: sweeping the flue and cleaning out the stove (we clean the ports inside the stove). 

Pellet Stove Service

We service all brands of pellet stoves, and they should be serviced as per manufactures recommendation. We sweep all the pipe and clean the combustion blower and all the ports. Your pellet stove works on airflow and must be cleaned the correct way for proper function. cost for the service $249 

Brick Fix Tip

Don't fall for the cheap 20-50 special chimney sweep you see advertised. Those company's are a scam, and looking to sell you something you may not even need. Even if you don't buy you may not get the correct job