repair Overview

The chimney specialists at Brick Fix are the best in the business. Our employees receive continuing education in the chimney and masonry industry. From chimney repair to chimney cleaning, all of our work is performed in compliance with local, state and federal codes and in accordance with NFPA 211.


Metal chimneys, also known as prefabricated chimneys, come in two different styles. They can be air cooled or solid pack insulated. Factory built chimneys can be used for all fuel applications. The solid pack insulated chimney is the best on the market today. We use the Simpson DuraVent and Selkirk brands.

Most builders put cheap covers on top of sided chimneys. If you see stains, call us. This may be a sign of damage.

  • Our masonry fireplace chimney sweep consists of: cleaning the flue smoke chamber smoke shelf behind the damper and firebox (please note that we do not clean the ash pit as that is considered homeowner maintenance).
  • Our furnace chimney sweep consists of: sweeping the flue and removing and vacuuming the base of the chimney.
  • Our wood stove cleaning consists of: sweeping the flue and cleaning out the stove (we clean the ports inside the stove).
  • Class A chimneys installed
  • Stainless steel chase covers installed
  • Prefabricated fireplaces
  • Prefabricated fireplaces
  • New prefab chimney caps
  • Gas B-vent chimneys
  • Wood chimneys with siding built
  • Prefabricated chimneys installed
  • Smoking fireplaces fixed. Brick Fix has the answer to your smoking fireplace.
  • Chimney water leaks solved (chimney leaks can cause internal damage that may not be seen by the naked eye).
  • Tuck pointing of chimneys (we grind old mortar with a diamond blade and then tuck point). This is the first step of fixing a water leak correctly.
  • New chimney flashing (we install new copper flashing and lead flashing).
  • Chimney caps (we install all types of chimney caps — from bolt-on-the-flue versions to custom-made, crown mount caps.
  • New top-mount chimney dampers (we install the locktop damper system). This damper will save you money and is very cost effective to install.
  • New prefab chimneys installed.

Every Chimney Cleaning Comes With A Free Safety Condition Report

Brick Fix Tip!

Beware of the cheap sweep! Watch out for the $25 or $40 pennysaver cleaning deal. These advertised prices are not sufficient to cover a reputable company’s typical overhead which includes automotive, insurance and salary costs, to name a few. The way in which these companies operate is by paying their employees on a commission basis only which becomes the employee’s incentive to sell you unnecessary repairs. Even if you decided to contract with one of these companies, it is more than likely that the work would be done to poor standards and result in an unsafe chimney.

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